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Safety is important, especially in education!

Exporting 1Password passwords to iCloud Passwords involves several steps. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Export from 1Password:
    • Open 1Password and sign in.
    • Go to the vault you want to export.
    • Select the items you wish to export.
    • Choose File > Export > All Items (or selected items).
    • Save the file in CSV format. Note that exporting your data as CSV is not encrypted, so handle it with care.
  2. Format the CSV File:
    • iCloud Keychain does not support direct import of CSV files. You will need to format the CSV file to be compatible with iCloud Keychain’s import requirements or use an intermediary tool.
  3. Use an Intermediary Tool:
    • One of the tools that can be used is Password Importer for Safari, available on GitHub. This tool helps import CSV files into iCloud Keychain.
    • Download and install the tool from GitHub.
  4. Import Using the Tool:
    • Open Password Importer and follow the instructions to convert your CSV file into a format compatible with iCloud Keychain.
    • Use Safari to import the formatted passwords.
  5. Manual Entry:
    • If the above method seems too complex, you can manually enter the passwords into iCloud Keychain. Open Safari, go to Preferences > Passwords, and manually add the entries.

Here are the detailed steps for using Password Importer:

  1. Install Password Importer:
    • Download the tool from GitHub.
    • Unzip and open the application.
  2. Convert CSV to Safari Passwords:
    • Load your CSV file into the Password Importer.
    • The application will parse the CSV and allow you to map the CSV columns to the required fields (URL, Username, Password).
    • Once mapped, the tool will create a Safari-compatible file.
  3. Import into Safari:
    • Open Safari and go to Preferences > Passwords.
    • Use the Import option to import the generated file from Password Importer.

By following these steps, you should be able to export your 1Password passwords and import them into iCloud Passwords.

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