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Loved by Parents & Schools in Canada!

Loved by Parents & Schools in Canada!

I used Madame A's grade 1 program with my oldest son, and as an English speaking family this was really fun to do together
Mike C.
Parent, SK
It's a tool that you will enjoy working with in a large group and to introduce or revise a concept. I also used it in tutoring (iPad) with students with difficulties and they loved it. In short, try it! You will be satisfied!"
Mme Annie
Teacher, QC
We've been using Madame A's in our cycle 1 classrooms these past 2 school years and it's very appreciated by our parents, students and teachers.
Nico C.
School principal, BC
I've just started using Madame A's with my son and he absolutely loves the activities and videos! I've never seen him so motivated to practice his French!
Christine Z.
Parent, ON

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Wether your child has no background in French or speaks it fluently, activities are designed to adapt to a wide range of abilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy! You choose which program you’d like to enrol your child in and get a monthly subscription.  Every week, your child will have access to a variety of new lessons, activities and read-alouds they can do at their own pace.  You also have the option of joining online weekly calls if you would like your child to practice what they’ve learned with a teacher in small group.  Then, just watch your child’s knowledge and confidence in French grow!   

Yes! Though we think a new language is truly learned once everyone in the home gets involved, we ensure our instructions are clear and simple and voice-recorded for the ones who haven’t yet mastered reading, so there’s no need for you to hover if you want a few minutes of peace 😉

Not at all! We believe that learning should be as tailored to a child’s specific needs as much as possible so all of our activities are self-paced, which means your little one is free to do as few or as many activities as they like. 
To ensure maximum retention and avoid overstimulation, we make sure our activities are drip-fed weekly, but you and your child are free to complete them at the pace that is best for them (and for you)!

Absolutely! You can do so directly from your online account and will have access to the content you’ve unlocked so far until it is time to renew.

Of course! We love families who decide to make their home a French-speaking one and get involved in it together!
Learn with your child without judgment and benefit from a ton of support from us through our Facebook group where we share stories, tips and tricks, articles and encouragement!

Yes, there is! We schedule weekly live calls with the students to get to know them and to have a quick, fun practice of what they’ve covered so far in the online activities.  We also hold regular Q&As with parents and professionals to help you make your home or classroom French-friendly!

Have another question we haven’t yet answered here? Ask them directly to Madame Alexa right here: [email protected]

Meet the teacher: Madame Alexa!

Passion for technology & teaching!

With 7 years of classroom experience, Madame Alexa is here to guide you and your child through their French learning journey! With a passion for teaching and a welcoming approach, she creates an engaging and inclusive classroom where every child can thrive – yes, even through a screen! We’re confident that you and your child will love learning under her guidance.