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Course reviews

Students can access the activities and work independently whether in enrichment, in-class workshops or revision at home.
— Annie, Teacher

A few more words about this course

This free access will help your child learn French at their own pace with various themed vocabulary, many colourful pages of resources to support their learning and fun interactive activities that will let them practice what they have learned in the videos.  It will also give you all the tools you need to support your child in their learning and make French an exciting and stimulating part of your family life!

Paired optionally with some of our plans, you can also register your child for a weekly 30-minute group call with the teacher where they will be reviewing what they’ve learned that week with live, tailored teacher feedback. Register for the calls through your dashboard once you’ve purchased access (a link with the instructions will be mailed to you when you sign up).

This level is best suited for children aged 5-10 years old, with little or no experience reading and writing in French.

This free access includes:

Use introductory phrases

Recognize various colour, school and family-related vocabulary

Read, say and write simple French vowel sounds

Recognize a variety of high-frequency words

Learn to count individual sounds in words

… and much more, all in French!

Course outline

  • Bienvenue à l’école
    • Bienvenue au programme débutant!
    • Instructions: À regarder avant de commencer!
    • Je révise mon alphabet (majuscules)
    • Vocabulaire: Familles et Amis
    • Mots cachés: La famille
    • Activité de communication de la famille
    • Écriture: Je me présente!
    • Les Couleurs
    • Écoute les mots fréquents: Liste #1
  • Je vais à l’école!
    • Activité Lettres de l’Alphabet (majuscules)
    • Sons des voyelles
    • Vocabulaire d’école
    • Activité: Je connais mes couleurs
    • Leçon: Lire des phonèmes
    • Activité: Je compte les phonèmes
    • Je sais lire les mots fréquents (Liste #1)
    • Écoute les mots fréquents: Liste #2
    • Félicitations!!!