Making French Immersion fun and accessible

Madame A’s provides you and your child with a flexible way to explore and learn French at home.
Preschool and early elementary education courses to learn at your child’s own pace and the tools you need to properly support them.

Our programs include a monthly access to 10-12 weeks of self-paced content filled with a variety of speaking, reading and writing activities including:

🎮 interactive activities

📺 video lessons to learn or review concepts

📖 read-alouds to immerse themselves in the French language

🎤 audio recording tool to let them communicate what they’ve learned

👩🏻‍🏫 Weekly video call available to consolidate your child’s learning!

We ensure that was is taught is reused throughout the the program and change themes weekly to keep your child engaged and interested. 



Preschool and Elementary Education

Learn at your child's own pace from a wide range of content, made by real teachers.

Expert educators

We’re passionate about ensuring our students succeed. That’s why we invest in our instructors so they can pass on their expertise and knowledge to our students.

Adapted to individual needs

Need a lesson repeated a hundred times? Your child learns best on Saturday mornings? No problem! Our videos and activities can be done as many times as your child likes and when they are at their learning best; no matter when that is!

Technological classroom

A variety of online and interactive activities that keep your child engaged and interested as they learn at their own pace.


Awesome interactive activities!

Your child will explore a variety of French competencies in a fun and stimulating way through:

  • Learning thematic words
  • Tracing letters
  • Word association and matching games
  • Video lessons with a teacher
  • Read-aloud stories
  • Recording their own reading or to practice what they have learned
  • … and much more!

Get a glimpse of our activities here:


Why choose Madame A's?

We offer a wide range of classes to help your child succeed in French.
Fill the gaps school can’t, without the need of a tutor.

Easy to use

High Quality

24/7 access



High quality French immersion education for elementary school students

French learning shouldn’t have to be boring and stressful.  With carefully curated content made by teachers in today’s classroom, we ensure that your child has fun learning and that you have everything you need to support making your home a bilingual one!