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Hey there, lovely learners! I hope you had an amazing and well-deserved break for the holidays and spent good times with your loved ones. 💖 I’m stepping into 2024 with a heart full of dreams and goals! ✨ I’m sharing my resolutions here in the hopes that it will help keep me accountable:

1️⃣ Supporting More Parents 💕👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I know it’s difficult to ask for help and that the struggle of learning a new language in your home isn’t always easy.  I want to create a haven of love and understanding for all parents with Madame A’s.  Whether it’s sharing the highs and lows, or just tips and tricks that have helped you along the way, let’s build a supportive community together.  

I recently started a private Facebook group for the parents that have signed up for one of my programs, let me know if you would like an invite!

2️⃣ Visiting More Schools 🏫✈️

Embarking on a journey of learning and discovery! I will be heading towards Western Canada this year to find out how to best modify my activities, lessons and events to tailor it to the realities of today’s learners outside of Quebec.  

I’m so excited to visit schools, connect with inspiring educators, and soak up the positive energy of learning spaces. Can’t wait to share the experience with you all! 

3️⃣ Helping Even More Students in French 🇫🇷📖

I want to make learning French a delightful adventure for families everywhere. This year, I want to spread the word that Madame A’s is out there and a fun and engaging way for students to learn and practice French! I want parents and teachers to know they can trust us with their learning journey and that we are here to assist every step of the way! 

I’ve recently begun live weekly calls to help students practice what they have learned in the self-paced program in a more authentic environment and I’m excited to share those moments with you!

4️⃣ Being More Present on Social Media 📱💬

Time for some heart-to-heart connections!  This might seem like the opposite of what many people are doing, which is trying to disconnect a little! In my personal life, I’ve mostly been pretty private and haven’t shared much of myself on these platforms, so it’s a big leap out of my comfort zone to be more vulnerable and share my daily life with you through this adventure! I’ve realized that if you’re going to trust me with the very important task of your child’s learning, you need to know who I am and what I’m about! So I’ll be trying to post more regularly and share my own highs and lows as I navigate my new life leaving the classroom to become an entrepreneur.  

Stay tuned to hear more book recommendations, tips and tricks to teaching and learning French and what the life of a teacher outside of the traditional classroom is like! Thank you to everyone that takes the time to like, comment or share on anything – your presence is noted every time and makes this corner of the internet extra special! 

If you made it all the way here, thank you so much! I’m eager to hear about your dreams and goals for the year! Drop them below and let’s wrap each other in the warmth of encouragement and shared goals. We got this together!💫 💪

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