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Looking to get your little learner to practice their French vocabulary in a FUN way? Since March is the month of nutrition, we’ve been talking about food these past few weeks. This is a great opportunity to gather the food words they’ve learned and play a game with them to get their brains making those French language connections!

But just flashing a picture card and asking them to say the word or read it aloud can get a little boring! But don’t worry, here at Madame A’s we specialize in making learning fun! Spice things up by trying this little flashcard game:

Vocabulary Puzzle

  1. Start by introducing basic French vocabulary using flashcards (try it with the food flashcards we’ve included as a FREE resource at the end of this blog – just download the file and print!).
  2. When your child feels fairly comfortable with the words, cut out the top part of the flashcard to separate the picture from the word.
  3. Ask your child matches the picture on one flashcard with the corresponding French word on another. You can turn this into a race or a memory game to make it more entertaining by using a timer. They can try to beat their own time record every few days or weeks (to ensure those vocabulary words remain fresh in their brains!)

Play this game by adding more and more flashcards! As soon as a French vocabulary word starts to feel a bit more comfortable, add it to the game. Just be careful not to introduce too many at once so as not to overwhelm your little one!

Try it out with these 5 simple French food words:

We can’t wait to see you play this game with your French learner!

More free French resources for tutoring and parents:

Ready for more French food vocabulary to add to the game? Check out these other FREE resources:

Want a more interactive way to work this vocabulary? Try our interactive activities included in our online program: www.madameas.com/courses

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