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March, the month of nutrition, is nearly over! To close it off, we’ve got another cute batch of French food flashcards to get your little learners even more excited about learning new vocabulary (download them at the end of this blog post)! And because Madame A’s never does French learning the boring way, here’s a FUN game you can play with flashcards:

Flashcard Scavenger Hunt!

  1. Download, print and cut our French Food Flashcards (try saying that three times fast!) at the end of this blog.
  2. Look over them with your French learner as a quick review.
  3. While they cover their eyes, hide the words around the house or classroom (no cheating!)
  4. When you’re ready, describe the word you’re looking for by giving hints. Don’t say the word out loud!
  5. Your little French learner then has to go on a hunt to find the word you’re looking for! If they find a flashcard but it isn’t the word they need, they have to leave it there for the next round!
  6. Keep going until you’ve gone through the entire list of words!

Here are some ideas of hints you could give in French with the words on our current list:

  • Le mot que je cherche est… (The word I’m searching for is…)
  • un fruit (a fruit)
  • un légume (a vegetable)
  • sucré (sweet)
  • Je peux le croquer (I can chew it)
  • Je peux le boire (I can drink it)
  • Je le mange pour déjeuner/dîner/souper (I eat it for breakfast/lunch/dinner)

Try it out with these food words and add more to them as you learn new vocabulary in French! :

More free French resources for tutoring and parents:

Ready for more French food vocabulary to add to the game? Check out these other FREE resources:

Want a more interactive way to work this vocabulary? Try our interactive activities included in our online program:

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